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The program curriculum incorporates a variety of laboratory sessions and exercises to study both theory and practice.

General Education Courses

"Language Courses" and "Liberal Arts Courses" equip students with a broad range of general knowledge, a rich sense of humanity and language skills, which are essential in the age of globalization. "Foundational Science Courses" introduce students to mathematics and physics, which are fundamental to the Program Specialized Courses. Exercises and laboratories help students further their understanding.

Program Specialized Courses

The curriculum, focused on fundamental subjects such as electromagnetism and electrical circuit, systematically equips students with knowledge in the field of electronic system engineering from fundamentals to application, covering a wide range of areas including devices, electronics, communications, energy, control and programming. A combination of lectures, exercises and student laboratories helps students further their understanding in both theory and practice.


In their fourth year, students are assigned to laboratories according to their interests and qualifications. With a small number of students, they engage in advanced and cutting-edge research and development for their graduation thesis under the guidance of faculty members.

Program Specialized Courses

Required CoursesProgramming I
Electric Circuits
Exercises in Electric Circuits
Mathematical Methods in Electronics Engineering
Programming II
Classical Electrodynamics IA, IB, IIA and IIB and Exercise
Introductory Laboratory in Electronic Systems Engineering
Laboratory in Electronic Systems Engineering I and IIThesis
Required Elective CoursesLinear Circuit Analysis
Exercise for Linear Circuit Analysis
Digital Signal Processing
Electronic Material Science A and B
Logic Design
Information Theory
Digital Electronic Circuits
Fundamentals of Optics
Modeling for Numerical Analyses
Analog Electronic Circuits
Classical Electrodynamics III
Control Engineering
Introduction to Optoelectronics
Electron Devices
Exercise for Electronic Circuits
Microwave Circuits
Integrated Circuits
Electronic Material Science
Sensor Engineering
Electromagnetic Engineering
Electric Energy Science and Technology
Plasma Science and Technology
Digital Communications
Processes and Devices for Integrated Circuits
Elective CoursesSystem Planning
Computer Systems
Data Networks